Ingen pot för ”Potter”, eller…?


Daniel Radcliffe sägs ha fyrat på en jättespliff och fått skrattnoja på en privat fest.

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe smokes spliff at party

Exclusive by Clemmie Moodie 13/11/2009

See the pictures of Daniel Radcliffe at the party in today’s Daily Mirror
Click here for’s angle on Daniel Radcliffe smoking pot.
Harry Potter idol Daniel Radcliffe laughed his head off as he smoked pot at a party.
Dopey Daniel, 20, even wandered about the house-warming bash, babbling to other party-goers: I love weed.

And the star who has spoken about shunning drugs  was so out of it he let a girl scrawl all over his face with a pen.
Guest Wadia Tazi, 26, also at the London party, said: He looked spaced out and didnt look like he knew what was going on.
Harry Potter and the Philosophers STONED – star of kids films laughs as he has joint
Giggling Daniel Radcliffe got off his face on dope as a friend scrawled a comedy moustache on him.
The party-loving Harry Potter idol, a spliff between his fingers, could barely stop chuckling as the girl daubed his face at the house bash.

Fellow reveller Wadia Tazi, 26, said: -Daniel was laughing and seemed to find it funny. But he didnt really look like he knew what was going on.

The screen idol, 20, earlier lit up the joint in front of guests and repeatedly took deep drags. He also walked around the flat blurting out: -I love weed!
Wadia said: -I was surprised by his behaviour.

Just last year the s30million actor insisted: -Ive been around some amazing people and still managed to keep a real childlike view of the world. Im not into drugs.
The get-together, at a high-rise in Camden, North London, was thrown by a friend of his on-off actress girlfriend Laura OToole.

Wadia and one of his pals arrived at around 1am to find just eight guests as festivities wound down. He said Daniel already seemed in high spirits but keen that the newcomers did not twig who he was.

Wadia said: -Most of the beer had already gone and people were tucking into pizzas.
Daniel looked spaced out and away with the fairies. He didnt want us to recognise him. When I said he looked like that actor in Lord of the Rings [Elijah Wood], he got a bit funny and said, No, thats not me. He looked pretty uncomfortable.

I didnt recognise him as he looked so different to what I expected from the films. When my friend told me who he was, I was shocked.

Within minutes of arriving at the do, Wadia, his pal and the star were alone in the kitchen  and Daniel began puffing on a joint.
Wadia said: He was really friendly and talking about his dad a bit.

Then he pulled out a huge joint and lit up. Daniel said he loved it. He seemed happy that neither of us knew who he was.

At one point a girl dragged him away, saying, -Come on Daniel, follow me. You dont trust me, do you?
She pulled him into the toilet and started drawing a huge comedy beard on his face.

The mood almost turned sour when a man called Sam believed to be the stars minder  and Laura confronted Wadia over footage they believed he had shot on his phone. They found none.

Wadia said: Laura was very protective. She said Daniel had a reputation to protect and couldnt ruin it. I presume she meant by being seen smoking. I said I didnt know what she was talking about.
But almost immediately afterwards she and Daniel left.

Last year Daniel  now filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I revealed that this years Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince contained subtle drug references.
He said: There are a few drug metaphors in the film. I think any film marketed in the main for children still has humour that works on one level for them and on another level for adults.


Men nästa dag kunde man läsa följande dementi i Daily Mirror:

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe denies smoking cannabis, claiming he was photographed with a roll up

By Clemmie Moodie 14/11/2009

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe yesterday denied smoking cannabis, insisting the cigarette he was photographed inhaling was a roll-up.
The actor was filming the final two-part episode of the movie franchise but a spokesman declared: ”Daniel does smoke the occasional roll-up cigarette but he was not doing anything more than this.”
The statement follows our pictures At yesterday of the actor drawing deeply from a hand-rolled cigarette at a house party in North London.
Fellow party-goer Wadia Tazi overheard the British star telling guests: ”I love weed.”
During the evening, Daniel produced the rolled-up cigarette from his pocket and sparked up before taking several deep drags in front of other guests.
Last night internet fansites and forums were deluged with fans questioning the 20-year-old’s antics.
While many were shocked by the Mirror’s photos – in which Daniel was also seen giggling as a female friend scribbled a comedy beard on to his face – hundreds leapt to the star’s defence. One warned: ”If he loves weed let’s hope it loves him back and he doesn’t end up with drug-induced psychosis.
Another fan said: ”Stronger forms of cannabis like skunk ARE more dangerous for you but the odd spliff in moderation won’t kill anyone. When someone becomes addicted to taking cannabis it’s another thing altogether – because it’s not good to be addicted to anything.
One said: ”I‘m sure he has sex, drinks alcohol and a number of other things that don’t really fit with the Harry Potter image! Acting is just that – acting. It’s unfair of us to expect him to actually be Harry Potter!”
Sophie, from Portsmouth, claimed: ”I‘ve never met a 20-year-old boy who hasn’t smoked marijuana.”
Katherine Watt, from Peterborough, posted: ”Good on him. At least he isn’t stumbling out of a club drunk and starting fights!”
Another fan wrote: ”At the end of the day he is a normal young lad. He cannot be knocked for doing what just about every other lad his age does or has at least tried. Let him live or he’ll end up messed up like Britney Spears was.”
Spencer from Surrey said: ”He enjoyed a joint – good on him.
But Tigs, from Watford, added: ”I’m more disappointed that he started smoking cigarettes in the first place!


Hehe... Tja, med det här illasinnade bildvalet från en engelsk blogg som skriver dementin, så kan man ju undra om det inte är ett flumflin som den gode Daniel har klistrat i fejan... 😀

Apparently Daniel Radcliffe likes to ”party”, if you know what we mean…
•    Posted by: 3am
•    13/11/09
•    09:52 am
•    Daniel Radcliffe,
•    just say no
It’s hardly up there with Amy Winehouse smoking crack while Pete Doherty and Kate Moss lick cocaine off her ever-pert boobs (note to lawyers: this is an imaginary scenario) but we suppose some people who’ve led very sheltered lives will be quite shocked that Daniel Radcliffe has been photographed allegedly smoking a spliff at a party.
The pictures splashed across today’s Daily Mirror show the Harry Potter star (there are so many ”pot” jokes here that we can’t even be bothered to make them) smoking what’s known in the business as ”a suspicious cigarette” while a friend draws a comedy moustache (all moustaches are fairly funny, though) on his laughing face at a house party in Camden.
”He looked spaced out and didn’t look like he knew what was going on,” says someone called Wadia Tazi, who’s kindly flogged the story. ”I was surprised by his behaviour.”
Us too. Does anyone else now find Daniel Radcliffe mildly more interesting?

Om det nu till äventyrs skulle finnas någon bland mina besökare som inte läser engelska flytande och/eller tycker att det åtminstone är jobbigt att göra det, så följer här en kort sammanfattning på svenska…

Den 20-årige brittiske skådespelaren Daniel Radcliffe, känd som huvudrollsinnehavare i Harry Potter-filmerna, var alltså på party i Londonstadsdelen Camden härom dagen. När han trodde sig vara icke-igenkänd, dristade han sig till att inför publik fiska upp och tända en marijuanajoint (s k spliff) och gick därefter omkring bland festdeltagarna och deklarerade att han älskade gräs, d v s marijuana. Han lät sig också förskönas (?) av en flicka på festen, som ritade mustascher på honom. Han var dessutom på ett strålande humör och skrattade mycket, vilket är en vanlig reaktion hos de cannabisrökare som inte är alltför välbekanta med drogen. På svenska kallas fenomenet vanligen för skrattnoja. 😀

Vid ett tillfälle blev emellertid hans sällskap misstänksamma och krävde att få se en mobiltelefon, utrustad med kamera som en av gästerna hade. De föreföll oroliga för att någon skulle ha tagit bilder som kunde skada Daniels anseende, vilket uppenbarligen också stämde. Emellertid saknades komprometterande bilder i den specifika kameramobil som undersöktes. Dock lämnade Daniel och kompani festen kort efter detta intermezzo.

När nyheten publicerades med suddiga bilder av den påstått marijuanarökande Radcliffe i tabloiden Daily Mirror, förnekade Radcliffe att han skulle ha rökt cannabis. -Det var bara en vanlig, hemrullad cigarett, sa han. Jag feströker ibland.

Radcliffelägret förnekar alltså kategoriskt att det skulle ha varit frågan om inmundigande av cannabis och dess juridiska ombud har antytt att de kan tänkas öppna en process mot spridaren av detta rykte, d v s skvallertidningen Daily Mirror.


Det är tydligen så, att vissa av Harry Potter-skådisarna delar huvudrollsinnehavarens kärlek till hampan…  😀
Personligen tycker jag att det är jobbigt med beskäftiga pekpinnar, som i det här fallet från Posh, typ: -Fy skäms på dig!,
även om de ska förefalla skämtsamma…
Dessutom har man tydligen inte på ”Sveriges största kändissajt” lärt sig stava till cannabis…! 🙂

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  1. Funny Jokes skriver:

    Incidentally, the term ”porcelain” has been applied more and more broadly as new techniques developed. Funny Jokes

    • Sam Zodiac skriver:

      Hehe… I am fully aware of that, mate..!
      But as far as I understand, in the English-speaking world people are/were really keen on using names that allude to the historical occupations one could have. I refer to Miller, Baker, Potter etc etc….
      Also you have to admit; Potter is just too good a name to be left alone in this case, so…..

      B t w; for some reason I had to rescue your comment from the spam bin. Wonder why…?

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